Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How About Hosting a Technology Fair for Teen Tech Week?

From the latest School Library Journal online:
"Looking for a way to integrate your school’s technology program with Teen Tech Week? St. Vrain Valley School District (SVVSD), Longmont, Colorado has put together an award-winning Student Technology Fair project, and since Teen Tech Week 2009 is just around the corner (March 8-14), now is time to start planning." Read the article here.

New Reason to Use Google Reader

Interesting thing I just discovered with my Google Reader here at school - You can read the pop-up blog posts in Google Reader, even if the home site is one that is blocked at your school site. This is something new to me, at least.

I started following Sarah Dessen's blog (Just Listen, Lock and Key) on LiveJournal, which is blocked here at school. However, when I checked my Google Reader blog roll, I could still read her posts in Google Reader. What a concept! I think it's just great that a web 2.0 tool is helping me to get around the block my district puts on this kind of site. Who knew! Try it for yourself.

CSLA Conference Day 3

Well, so much for finishing my blog posting from the conference. My 24 hours ran out on the Hyatt network and as I was leaving on Sat. in the early evening, I didn't bother to pay for another day. It's truly my hope that wifi will become ubiquitous at conference venues and as an organization we won't be required to pay high fees to give the conference attendees access.

The conference was a great success and hats off once again to all of the planners and organizers. We don't say thank you enough, but we truly appreciate you!

P.S. I highly recommend volunteering to work at the registration desk. You get to see everyone arriving, find friends and make a lot of new ones. It was great fun.