Friday, March 7, 2008

To Second Life and Beyond!

If you have never read Edutopia, here is a great article to start with. It particularly focuses on "Whyville, a web-based virtual world that provides inquiry-based education for middle school students." You can read it here: Get a Life: Students Collaborate in Simulated Rolls. You will probably even be able to open it at school! What a concept! Here's to more access.
Here's another article with a video about the further use of virtual reality at all levels of education and training. No Gamer Left Behind: Virtual Learning Goes to the Next Level. The video is fascinating.
Picture credit: Revolutionary Technology:
Students at Suffern Middle School, in Suffern, New York, created these avatars to represent characters from novels they read about the American Revolution. Credit: Courtesy of Suffern Middle School

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