Tuesday, July 10, 2007

YouTube and others - week 9, thing # 20

This was fun. I can see how you can spend hours watching clips on YouTube. It's blocked at school, so we can't use it there, but hopefully TeacherTube might pick up a lot of what we could use with classes. We have a subscription to UnitedStreaming at school, and I want to encourage the teachers to use it more, as well as finding things on the web and creating their own videos. Recently I found a great set of videos and clips in UnitedStreaming when I searched "Great Books." It has videos and clips from the movie versions of several of our core literature books.

I uploaded this video from YouTube and it worked very easily. I chose this one for this exercise because it's short and it reminds me of all the periodicals I used to be responsible for when I was a serials librarian way back in the olden days at CSULB. This looks to be a good use for a lot of them! It also reminds me of what the kids working the late shift in the university library might get up to in the wee hours of the night.

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IrmaPince said...

You are getting close to the end. Only three more things!