Monday, July 9, 2007

Zoho Writer - week 8, thing #18

I am using Zoho Writer to write this post. It is a great tool, for all of the reasons listed on the sample page linked to the SLL2.0 description of thing #18. I created an account on Zoho back when we were exploring the award winners in thing #11 in week 5. I signed up for an account and tried the Zoho wiki they are now offering. It didn't seem as easy to use as the wikis we have been exploring for this course, but I haven't spent a lot of time trying to use it. Notebook looks good too. If you go to the Zoho home page, they have many tools to try. I want to explore the presentation tool they have, as I am always looking for an alternative to PowerPoint. Zoho lets you insert pictures, but I can't find a way to format the text around it.

Once again, this looks like a great tool for collaborative work at school, both for teachers with students, students with students, and teachers with teachers and whoever. The work would be available to all members who are working together and a history would be created that allows the people working on the project to edit and go back when necessary, without a lot of disconnected email, etc. It seems much like the wikis we have been exploring, but I guess this would be one document at a time.

Let's see how this post works. I'm going to try Google docs next to see how they compare.

Oops, it didn't find my blog to transfer it directly from Zoho, and the picture didn't come along when I cut and pasted this post. I will have to explore this some more. TTFN!

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