Friday, June 29, 2007

meebo me - a sidebar to thing #16

I was checking out some of the links under thing #16 and I followed a link from "Using Wikis to Create Online Communities" to a wiki used for subject guides. This would seem to me to be a great use of wikis and I want to go on exploring the information on the wiki. However, I got sidetracked by a chat box on the subject wiki called "meebo" and I went off and created one for this page. You can scroll down and try it out at the bottom of the left column. If you click on "get meebo" at the bottom of the widget, you can create one.

This could be used for online reference or homework help with students. The LMT could post hours of online chat service on a wiki, blog or website and then chat with students and answer questions if needed. For now it is right next to the post about IM in the classroom. This could be one of the ways to use IM effectively in education. Something new to try!


bibliofan said...

I loved this! The one thing I have wished for about this course, I think you may have solved. When people make comments on my page, I always want to "talk" back. Going to their page and making a comment back is kind of clunky.

BTW Ning is very touchy about the password, wants caps in all the right places. It is also good to know about the spelling with LC, sometimes my fingers fly faster than my brain!

IrmaPince said...

That would be a great way to have a "live" reference desk. What about having all the librarians (if you are not the only one) in the district using the same login/password and sharing the nights/times that the service would be offered?