Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tagging and Folksonomies for Real

I just had an interesting experience. I either hit a wall or I had an epiphany. When I found the article in my previous post, I tagged it in and then before I went on, I thought I would also bookmark it on my computer. I guess I was just being conservative or old, maybe. This digital immigrant sometimes reverts back to the old ways. Well, the point I am trying to get to is that I couldn't find a place that the site fit in my many bookmarks, and was such a better solution for keeping this place for me. It's nice to have this kind of confirmation of usefulness for something new one is using. I think I need to clean out my bookmarks!

1 comment:

IrmaPince said...

What a great epiphany. Now if there was just one easy step to get all of the hundreds of bookmarks out of My Favorites and into!