Monday, June 4, 2007

Technorati - week 6, #14

Help! I feel like a mime stuck in one of those invisible glass-walled cabinets! I feel like I'm stuck in Technorati and I can't get out. I claimed my blog and chose some favorites, but beyond that I can't seem to go. This is definitely something I will have to come back to as I come across it. I went off to some interesting blogs, especially one about creating better presentations

There is lots to explore here, but I don't see a great use for me right now. is working for me for tagging and I might come back to this if I want to specifically search for blogs by subject. For now, I need to move on.

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IrmaPince said...

I agree with you. I also wasn't fond of Technorati. I found it useful to know about it and perhaps ways that students might use it. But, being a private person, I wasn't into putting much of myself into the public arena.