Monday, June 4, 2007

Note to the SLL2.0 Team

Thanks to any and all of you for your encouraging words. Something I have been doing is reading some of your posts on the 23 things and sometimes I leave comments. Do any of you have time to go back and read comments on your old posts or should we be communicating with you mostly through the email address?


School Library Learning 2.0 Team said...

Hey, there! We love getting comments and we've seen some of yours.

If you find a link that no longer works or something like that, please send to us at -- we are mostly moving ahead with all the new CSLA member and other participants (many from other states are quietly working through the course without all the cheerleaders.)

IrmaPince said...

We are mostly busy monitoring our new participants, but that is a good reminder for us to go back and check our original blogs. If you have a question, however, just post it on your blog and one of us (or more) will get back to you.

librarymum said...

Thanks for the responses. I think this whole "thing" is so useful, exciting, fun and educational to boot, that it is going to grow exponentially (it probably already has). Thanks for all of the encouragement. I've given up television since I joined it's so engaging.

I don't know what you have planned for the fall conference when we all get together in one place, but maybe we need to have an "open mic" session on SLL2.00 and we can wear our avatars and screen names on our badges. Just a thought. Onward.