Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Blog & Registration, week 2, #3 & #4

Here's the new blog and I registered it, so I am officially started.

It was fun to come to Blogger again. I started a blog here several years ago at a workshop lead by Gary Price, sponsored by InfoPeople. I also have 2 blogs at school, but this one is the one I will be using as a place to write about the things I am doing on School Library Learning 2.0 and reflecting on what I am learning.

My blogs at school are used for library news and for posting pathfinders for library research for the students at the high school. Students have access to them through the school district portal and the library research blog has been a quick, easy and useful tool for library research lessons.

Now on to an avatar.


IrmaPince said...

How great that your district allows blogs. What program are you using at school?

librarymum said...

We have access to a school blog system and it uses Serendipty software. We can make the blogs accessible to the school, the district or the world. I started using it for my pathfinders one day when I was in a lab that had no shortcuts to my library databases, as it is so quick and easy to post on. For now, mine are open to the school.