Monday, May 28, 2007

Week 5, #11 - exploring the award-winning sites

Useful or interesting sites I found on the awards page:

Biblio - for used books - new site for me; I can always use another site to search for textbooks

Flickr is on the list - one of the judges said "Flickr has an older audience than some other photo sharing sites and thus usually produces the best quality shots" - I thought this was a great comment

Yahoo! Answers looks like a variation of Wikipedia, in a homework help format - users can ask a question or search to see if it has been asked and answered already, or hope another user will answer. Once again, this seems like it is not always the correct answer, but one that is good enough which seems to satisfy people

Pipl - this was scary - I searched myself and found my Amazon wish list online and a young lady with my same name with a MySpace (I don't have one) - I went to Amazon and changed my wish list to private; it also listed my name from an article in our school newspaper - who knew that the paper was indexed online

iGoogle - I created an iGoogle home page for myself; it's similar to most other homepage design pages; whatever template you use, it changes color (darkens) as the time of day passes; nice for use now with the 23 Things and using Blogger, my gmail account, and other things Google


School Library Learning 2.0 Team said...

Your blog is outstanding. Good comments -- we all should check out Pipl. Enjoy.

Queen of Hearts said...

I just checked out Pipl. I agree...scary.